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Inside Insights: THC Interview Series

Ever wonder about the inside info about your favorite art, stores, and tastemakers?  Get past the hype, and hear it first hand from artists, CEO’s, founders, and other creative minds on the streets.  Watch for The Honeycomb Collective’s interview series as we get you the most exclusive info and insights direct from the source.


Books by Covers- Tuesdays, July 2008

Has a passing stranger ever caught your eye and caused your mind to imagine who they are, where they’re going, and their story?  Check back every Tuesday for the month of July when we take snapshots of people on the streets, and knowing nothing about them, we narrate their lives. 


Triple 5 Soul VS The Honeycomb Collective-May 15, 2008

Visit Triple 5 Soul Flagship store in SoHo, NY and see THC’s first Artist installation.

Click Here to read more and see pictures.





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