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Everything Is Not Lost… by espanishjose
June 5, 2008, 1:38 pm
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The following is A response to this…



To: Andrew@thehoneycombcollective


Subject: Everything Is Not Lost




I’ve done fabulous things in my life. I’ve seen the pyramids, Ran the streets of Rome, Had tea with the Queen, Heck I even walked the surface of the Sun.  But nothing gives me more satisfaction than knowing that even while you take your illustrious poop, I am present. What a glorious feeling it is to know that I am everywhere at once yet physically here, in my Thrown room, being fed 10,000 b.c. Mayan diamonds while listening to Coldplay.


Sometimes I take poops too. The few times I do ( my iphone handles that ), I get this weird feeling in my

gut. When it’s not White Castle, it’s the feeling of being disconnected. I believe you can relate. It gets me really antsy so i just end up telling myself to put those thoughts in the thrash and press empty. And just like that, my worries are gone and i go back to painting replica Picasso’s.


The point is this Andrew. We are all connected one way or another. I just need to be connected more than

the average. Soon my power will reach even those starving kids you see on t.v. Even they will need my power! I will provide the planetary blanket this fragmented place needs.


So Andrew, next time you take a poop remember, I AM EVERYWHERE


– Jobs


P.S. The iPhone can now call any payphone in GTA IV. Isn’t that spectacular!


-via espanish jose