The Honeycomb Collective will be right back!
September 20, 2008, 11:28 am
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Hey THC fans,

Stay tuned because we are in the middle of creating a brand new site, and we will keep you all updated.  To stay inspired step outside your house and walk around.



July 7, 2008, 12:33 pm
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First let me start be apologizing for being MIA.  I know that a lot of dedicated readers have been asking me why I haven’t posted anything in a week.  I would like to say that it is cool that we are receiving feedback, and that people love reading our blog.  I would also like to thank the readers for allowing us to hit 6,000 plus hits in just 1 month.  I promise the content and the site is going to get bigger and better.  Our main goal is to help, educate, entertain, and ultimately inspire.  The Team at THC is dedicated to meeting that goal.

The reason I had not written anything last week is because Continue reading

Inside Insights: THC Interviews AC Gears New York
June 10, 2008, 12:00 pm
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Once we’re inside the doors of AC gears, the atmosphere hits us with an expectant energy.  It’s blindingly white with splashes of rainbow colors from the products, combining the sleek and fresh boutique atmosphere with a soul of fun electronic gadgetry.

AC Gears sells the latest gadgets, imported toys, and rarest robots and accessories, all with a playful flavor.  Beyond this, it’s one of the most exclusive stores in the country Continue reading

Evolution: SoHo, NY
June 6, 2008, 2:15 pm
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Enter a shop that will CHANGE you. A shop that will make you GROW. This is the EVOLUTION shop in SOHO,
NYC. Continue reading

May 30, 2008, 1:58 pm
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For all the Street Fighter Heads out there, I’m happy to let you all know CAPCOM has leeked information on a brand new 2D fighting game. Continue reading

The Honeycomb Collective is now on Facebook
May 28, 2008, 12:41 pm
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So the whole point of the collective is to create and network with other artist.  What better way to do that then to add ourselves to the ever growing nation of Facebook.  If you are interested in getting updates, want to read up on news about the collective and events, or just want to be our friend add us at

Thanks for all the support!

-The Honeycomb Collective

Day 1: Triple Five Soul Art Installation
May 12, 2008, 8:14 pm
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Come check out our newest art installation Thursday May 15, 2008 at Triple Five Soul in SoHo New York. Continue reading