The Honeycomb Collective


The Honeycomb Collective, founded in 2008, is a place where a group of artists gather to illustrate the means and methods of creative inspiration. 

We are the artist’s mind, from the spark to the process to the product, the concept and the content.  Pulsating with the heartbeat of the street, we are what we do: we are creativity.  This site is the cause, the effect, and everything in between.  The Honeycomb Collective is the window to creative insight.

Our name stems from a space where our founding members worked, referred to by others as “The Honeycomb Hideout.”  The title was originally intended as an insult, but it didn’t matter to us.  It was our place of refuge, where ideas spawned and sputtered into creation.  It was our place of freedom.  



DJ Tabao-Graphic Designer, G.G.T.K. (Good Guy To Know)

-aka “c.h.a.s.e” Creativity Has A Strong Effect

Have you ever felt like your always one step behind, or that you come into the game at half time. DJ has felt like this all his life. Now that he is older and has more access to things he wants to be a man about everything. He plans on becoming a sponge. Being more in tune with art, reading, God, and just the world that surrounds his everyday life. So things you can expect from him are that which inspires, excites, and shapes his life as a person and a designer.   Basically he is 24 and just started living.  He also aspires to one day be a professional ninja, they have great health benefits.  For more something a little more intimate check out MySpace or my FaceBook.

Jose Perdomo-New York City Native, Lover, Hater, Son and Regular Joe

Born and raised in NYC, Jose has been waiting for the day that the world stops being so stupid and learns to relax. Until then he will be creating beautiful things with beautiful people.  He studied very little, but learned a lot in numerous schools throughout NYC and small stint in Florida.  He loves to draw, read, sleep, chill, paint, and think about space, time, and dinosaurs.  He thinks everyone is special.

William Yan-That Dude:  Marketing, Advertising, and all around Player

Born and raised in NYC’s notorious Chinatown/L.E.S. Graffiti writers growing up influenced him heavily. He studied art & advertising and has since combined the two mediums to define his style. Will has no time to deal with the stupidities this world has to offer. New York has molded him, and now he is ready to mold his life into greatness. He has been a contributer to various blogs and has since settled for The Honeycomb Collective and his own


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