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Art Decko’s Competition by leftystickum
September 1, 2008, 11:11 pm
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I’ve always admired the art that dawns the bottom of a skateboard deck.  After the moves and the gear, the deck’s also gotta scream individuality.  Art Decko’s is a website that allows it’s visitors to enter a competition in deck design. I happened to stumble upon……the website. >=)  

As of today, September 1st, 2008, voting has begun on 50 deck design submissions.  With a maximum of 3 submissions per person, I have submitted three designs myself.  1st place winner receives $100 dollars and a free deck of the design.  2nd place receives $50 dollars and a free deck of the design.  Last, but not least, 3rd place receives just the free deck of the design.  I now ask for YOU, our loyal readers to pay a quick visit to and help out one of the worker bees here at The Honeycomb Collective.  Take a second to submit a vote (hopefully in our favor).  The following images are skate decks designed by yours truly.  Hope you guys enjoy and good luck to all who entered!

– Rob “Lefty” Capili






“Kiss of Death”





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hey Robin. i was trying to vote for you designs earlier today, but for some reason i couldn’t. it said on the page ‘high rez images will be displayed during actual voting’ and i couldn’t even click on the images. really love the designs & hoping you’ll win! let me know about the whole voting thing so i can submit mine =) thanks.

Comment by Rizzamay


Comment by robin "lefty" capili

Psst. OlliePop is in the lead.

-Art Decko

Comment by Art Decko

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