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Tokidoki x Ride by leftystickum

“Tokidoki” means “sometimes” in Japanese.  But apparently, the team at Tokidoki translate this into, “as many times as possible.”  They don’t know how to quit! It’s all about the collaborations now-a-days.  And when you think collabo’s, Tokidoki’s gotta be at the top of the list.  Feast your eyes on the newest collaboration by Tokidoki.Tokidoki has teamed up with a hefty number of companies since its discovery in 2003 and its birth in 2005.  Italian artist Simone Legno has been at a non-stop rampage, collaborating with companies such as; LeSportsac, Toy2r, iSkin, kidrobot, New Era, Dark Horse Comics, Fornarina, Smashbox, Hello Kitty, and Onitsuka Tiger, just to name a few!  And all at a limited run.

Since the original print, tokidoki’s been nothing but an inspiration to me.  The strong lines and the distinctive characters pop out and catch my attention every time.  What gets me the most is the art is inspired by Japan.  The artist, Simone Legno, is a seasoned veteran in illustration but the images you see are inspirational interpretations of Japan.  In other words, Tokidoki is Japan seen through the eyes of Simone Legno.

Now we; the artists, designers, collectors, and collaborators, from the world of limited edition everything,now welcome…Ride Snowboards.  



– Rob “Lefty” Capili

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